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Retro Christmas Sugar Cookies

Retro Christmas Sugar Cookies
Get the kids to the table or have some friends over for a fun Christmas cookie decorating party. It could be like paint night! Does champagne go with sugar cookies?
Delicious sweet vanilla with just a touch of saltiness. ( I use salted butter) These cookies are not meant to be perfect or stuffy.
Who doesn't love a tender sweet sugar cookie! I usually make Sparkling Snowflake Sugar Cookies at Christmas but this year I wanted to ship some to family so I decided it was time for a new design that was a bit sturdier but just as festive and tasty.
I looked through my cabinet of cookie cutters and decided to start with my grandma's Christmas tree cutter, then I added a few cut with my new star for some contrast.
Retro Christmas Sugar Cookies
I like to mix up my designs using two different cutters and stay within a color scheme that I can mix and match. This color scheme was fun because I could make gifts of a few cookies that went together in many fun combinations. 
I used a retro theme of silver, gold and sky blue with a wash of pearl dust, then topped the cookies with some non-perils and coarse sugar sparkles. I had the blue and white non-perils from making Sparkling Snowflake Sugar Cookies so I picked up some gold ones to give the cookies a push toward that retro feel. Together with a little blue icing, I think it came together pretty well.
Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating
I'd never used a pearl dust before so I did some research and found several people who had a sad experience with the gold pearl dust turning green. I'm happy to say that mine did not turn green and I was really very happy with the results. I  also found it simple to use and clean up. Win Win!

Sugar cookie dough can be incredibly stiff. It has to be for the cookies to keep their shape while baking. It's also important to put the ingredients together in order so that all of the ingredients are mixed together well.

You might notice this recipe contains fewer eggs than other sugar cookie recipes. This keeps the cookie from rising and puffing up too much. It makes a crisp, yet tender, flat cookie that's perfect for decorating.

After mixing the dough as directed, chill the dough for at least an hour to let the flour become hydrated. Then you can allow the dough to warm up for about 20 minutes before rolling and cutting. You don't want the dough to get too warm though or the cookies will spread in the oven and not have as crisp a shape as you might like.

Mixing the Pearl Powder

The directions say to mix a small quantity of powder with lemon extract but online I found several people were using vodka or other clear edible alcohol based products. I opted for the vodka because I didn't want to mix in the lemon extract to otherwise very vanilla flavored cookies. It left no flavor at all and worked perfectly.