Cool as a Cucumber Sheet Cut Wraps

Cucumber sheets make wonderful wraps for all kinds of fillings. I love the way they slice so easily with my new sheet slicer attachment for my Kitchenaid stand mixer. Don't they look great on this pretty pink Himalayan salt block? 
The first thing I wrapped them around was some spicy jalapeno cream cheese spread. A squeeze of lime, a little chopped cilantro and scallion. Done.
I let them sit on a pink salt block for about 15 minutes to give it some time to work with the lime and the juices from the cucumbers. So tasty!
The next thing I did with my cucumber wraps was to fill them up with as many other veggies as I had on hand that would fit inside.
I found a thick carrot that I could sheet cut, then I placed a piece of the carrot sheet on top of the cucumber sheet before rolling it around the other vegetables inside and securing them with a toothpick. I think it's so pretty the way it shows through the translucent cucumber almost like a shrimp in a spring roll.

Cool as a Cucumber Sheet Cut Wraps

Inside of these rolls I used fresh baby chard leaves from my garden, some thin slices of red onion and some jicama sticks. These were crunchy and delicious with the mustard vinaigrette I had made for dipping.


These are quick and cool appetizers or side dishes that are really refreshing! Try making your own out of any combination of vegetable or cream cheese filling. Add a strong flavor element like a vinaigrette dressing, or Jalapenos and lime to be sure your wraps don't turn out bland and I'm sure you can't go wrong.



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