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Ham and Turkey Potato Roll Sliders

Ham and Turkey Potato Roll Sliders
Just like you went to the Deli! I make these yummy sliders all at once then cut them apart into beautiful individual sandwiches dressed up with some dijon butter, creamy red cabbage slaw and spinach leaves.
Ham and Turkey Potato Roll Sliders
I buy a package of pull apart style potato rolls and cut the whole thing in half. I find this is easiest using a very long thin bread knife or an electric carving knife.
After the sandwich loaf is completed, I slice it in half lengthwise then into individual sandwiches. I used foil pop-up sheets to wrap them for our last weekend of concerts at Maryhill Winery.
I put them in a large plastic container to keep them from getting smashed by heavier items and kept them in a cooler with ice until we were ready to eat. Then everyone ate them up! 
These are really easy to share if you happen to a part of a larger group or pot luck as we usually are.
Ham and Turkey Potato Roll Sliders
Who doesn't like a good ham and cheese sandwich? I chose a sweet smoked ham and a roast turkey breast this time. I also used very traditional Swiss and Colby Cheeses.
The Dijon butter adds some kick but if you'd like more, you might substitute some pepperjack cheese for the Swiss or the Colby cheeses.
I always like to butter the bread for a sandwich like this because it creates a moisture barrier that keeps the sandwich from becoming soggy, especially when using a soft fluffy bread like these potato rolls. Nobody wants a wet sandwich.
I made two of these loaves for our last picnic so we would have plenty to share and a few left over the next day. They were super popular and we only had a few left. They kept well for at least 2 days but then we ate them up!
I hope you try these out for your next gathering and let me know what you think.

Ham and Turkey Potato Roll Sliders


For the Sandwiches

1 package potato rolls

3 tablespoons Dijon mustard

6 tablespoons butter (divided)

1 package Colby slices

1 package Lacey Swiss cheese slices

1/2 pound Cherry Wood or Honey Ham Slices

3/4 pound roast Turkey Breast Slices

Spinach leaves

1/4 cup Walla Walla sweet onion slices

Creamy Red Cabbage Slaw

salt & pepper

For the Creamy Red Cabbage Slaw

1 cup shredded red cabbage

2 tablespoons light Mayonnaise

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

Salt & Pepper to taste



Make the Creamy Red Cabbage Slaw

Shred the cabbage finely then add the rest of the cole slaw ingredients and mix well. Set it aside to marinade while you work on the sandwiches.


Make the Dijon Butter

Mix together the Dijon mustard with 3 tablespoons butter with a fork until well mixed. Set aside.


Assemble the Sandwiches

Slice the entire loaf of potato rolls in half as illustrated in the pictures above. This is easiest done with an electric carving knife.

Spread both sides of the loaf with butter lightly then spread the bottom half of the sandwich loaf with the Dijon Butter Spread. Sprinkle the top of the sandwich loaf lightly with salt & pepper.

Begin layering the rest of the ingredients on the bottom of the sandwich as shown in the illustrations or as you like. Place the top on the sandwich loaf and cut into individual sandwiches. I like to use an electric knife for this also.

Serve immediately or wrap in foil or parchment sheets to take along on your next summer adventure!

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