The Smoked Naked Fatty

My brother sure comes up with some brilliant recipes! After he showed me this I just had to try it. It seems this recipe, in it's many forms, has been all over the internet for several years but somehow I had never come across any of them. How could this be?

There are a lot of ways to make this recipe harder but in it's simplest form there is much deliciousness to be had. I knew this would probably be a hit at our house so I made two Fatties the first time and it was a good thing because they went fast! Our neighbor stopped by so my husband gave him a slice to try and his reaction was classic. "Oh, Man!"

I used one Hot and one Maple flavored Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage then kept it really simple using only Our Favorite Barbecue Dry Rub and some extra brown sugar to sweeten it up some.

Breakfast sausage is already pretty heavily seasoned with salt so I thought cutting the salt with some extra sugar in the dry rub would help keep these from becoming too salty. It really did! They came out perfect. Besides who doesn't like sweet hot or sweet maple?
I mixed 1/4 cup of brown sugar to 3/4 cup of Our Favorite Barbecue Dry Rub to start with. I actually used only about 1/4 cup of that rub to coat the sausages in this glass loaf pan. It was the perfect size and shape to roll the chubs in. I saved the rest of the rub for later use.
The next step was to very carefully peel the wrapper off of the breakfast sausage without messing up the perfect chub shape it comes in. Next, I coated the chubs completely with the dry rub and pop them into the smoker for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours at 250 degrees or until the internal temperature registered 165 degrees.
Done and Done!
With this recipe you can easily transform a simple chub of sausage into an artisan smoked pork sausage stick that's wonderful on it's own and makes fantastic sandwiches. Try it on an English muffin or sourdough biscuit, a French baguette or on a charcuterie plate.

The Smoked Naked Fatty


1 chub of breakfast sausage

4 Tablespoons of barbecue dry rub*


*I used 3/4 cup of Our Favorite Barbecue Dry Rub mixed with 1/4  cup more brown sugar to sweeten it up.


Carefully remove the plastic wrapper from the breakfast sausage taking care to keep it in it's original chub shape.

Coat the chub thoroughly with the barbecue dry rub.

Smoke in your smoker for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours at 250 degrees until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Allow it to cool some, then slice and serve warm or if serving chilled, allow it to cool completely and refrigerate before slicing.


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