About Cheese

About Cheese...

On the topic of cheese, I love cheese...I love to make cheese, I love to eat cheese. I wish I had more time to make cheese.

I'll tell you how I got started making cheese.

My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas in 2015 and I said, "cheese!"

So he bought me a cheese making kit from a lovely company that produces cheese making kits because he knows I'm such a do it yourself kind of gal. Well, I was hooked. It seems like even if you screw up the recipe most of the time you still get cheese! That's the beauty of it. If you like cheese like my son-in-law and I do. It kind of doesn't matter if you don't get what you were expecting because you still get cheese!

Here are some pictures of a few of my past cheese adventures.

Next time I make a cheese I'll show the whole process! Recipes to come.