Church Window Stained Glass Restoration

Main three panel arch in church sanctuary

My most recent glass project was to restore two stained glass window arches to the front of a very old church. This is the main arch in the sanctuary, there is another just like it in the room where I worked on restoring the glass on the other side of the main entrance.

It's possible the glass was installed nearly one hundred years ago although it's had a few touch ups in the past. The repairs were done to keep the glass intact and it served it's purpose but I definitely had some challenges bringing it back to as close to original as I could. My goal was to keep as much of the original windows in tact as possible while bringing them back to the strength they would need.

All of the glass was slumping because the exterior came was deteriorating, the glazing was all but gone and many joints had cracked but I think they turned out sturdy enough to withstand several more years and the church is really happy with the results too!