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Cabo San Lucas

Cabo - A Food Adventure

El Arco - Cabo San Lucas

This is a beautiful adventure I've been so lucky to have had twice now so I've recently updated and added more information to my blog on traveling to Cabo San Lucas. We visited new restaurants and discovered a few changes in Cabo since our last adventure there.

My husband and I visited Cabo San Lucas for the first time almost two years ago and it was amazing! We were there with some of our family and stayed at a private home where we shared some wonderful meals, took walks on the beach, went snorkeling and cruising around El Arco and wandered through the shops and marina. Earlier this month we went again. This time for my brother-in-laws birthday.

Both trips we spent a lot of time at The Office. You might want to too, it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it! We've had a few meals there and enjoyed shopping from our table with our toes in the sand. Here's a great tip from my brother-in-law. When the local beach salespeople offer you something and it's something you like. Ask if you can buy everything they have. You will get a greatly reduced price and lots of souvenirs for you friends back home. It works!

We had outrages food and a wonderful time.

This trip to Cabo I took the girls to The Fish Resort for a fishy pedicure on the marina. It was a blast! My blog on that adventure is coming soon.

One particular day in Cabo on both trips was frequently referred to as "The Best Day Ever!" We spent most of the day boating on the "Contessa" It is a truly unforgettable experience. Fishing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and completely catered. The service is impeccable. The birthday boy even caught a fish this year! The kitchen and crew immediately set about making sashimi, and tacos; blackened, grilled and fried!

Click on the pictures for more detail.

"Another spectacular dining experience was at Manta. Also known as Manta at the Cape a Thompson Hotel. This is a truly stunning resort. The meal was incredible, I regret that I don't have any pictures of the Beef Yakitori, undoubtedly the favorite of our group!"

That was what I wrote last year. This year our experience was a little different. This place is still as stunning as ever and the meal could have been incredible but somehow our large group seemed to get off on the wrong foot with the kitchen. Although they have a full service menu, they recommend the chef's tasting menu in a pretty strong way. I think we all agreed we really weren't as interested in it as we were the regular menu. We were all a little disappointed at the staff response to that. Why have a regular menu if you don't want to serve whats on it?

All of our group was surprised that some of the dishes were just "okay" this time. We all agreed that better sweet potatoes could have been made at home and that one New York Strip steak was probably split between the 6 or 7 of us that ordered it. The service was choreographed by a large staff but instead of feeling impressively pampered it felt forced and stuffy.

My brother-in-law received a spectacular birthday surprise topped in edible gold leaf that was beautiful but unfortunately very, very sour with citrus. I'm afraid somehow this restaurant has erroneously perceived themselves to be in a status category they have not yet quite achieved.

El Arco

The view of El Arco from the beach at The Cape, a Thompson Hotel

An excursion to Pedregal Beach.

A misty morning in Pedregal.

We also enjoyed great dining at these 6 places in Cabo and I will be posting more complete individual reviews of them in the future. Check out the gallery above for glimpses of Ole' Ole', J & J Habanos (Best Mojitos!), Black Smoke Barbecue, Pan di Bacco, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Cabo San Lucas and Sunset Monalisa.

I recommend catching up with what's happening in Cabo with The Gringo Gazette if you are visiting, they have an online version just click on the link. Great for local information and I'm told on good authority, "All the gringo's here read it."

I hope you've enjoyed our food adventures in Cabo and that you get have some of your own really soon!