Smoked Beef Summer Rolls

Smoked Beef Summer Rolls

Smoked Beef Summer Rolls

Fresh and satisfying! Serve these summer rolls with my quick and easy Nuoc Cham, a dipping sauce that has a wonderful balance of sweet, salty, spicy and sour. I love this balance of flavor found in Vietnamese food. These summer rolls are great to enjoy anytime of year.

Although summer is at an end we're still having some pretty nice days. I think I will use my smoker just a few more times before the weather really turns and the snow starts. One of my favorite things to make in my smoker this summer has been a slow smoked beef roast.

This summer roll recipe is one of the things I like to make with the leftover chilled smoked roast beef when I have some. I have a daughter who calls me the Leftover Queen. I imagine this is one of the reasons why.

Alternatively, If you don't have the smoker or the desire to smoke a beef roast, you could buy some roast beef at your favorite deli counter and these beef rolls would be really tasty too.

Of course that would make them even more extraordinarily fast and easy! Wrapped properly with a few damp paper towels they will keep several hours so they can also be made ahead for a picnic or a party.

Don't forget the dipping sauce!

Nuoc Cham

Nuoc Cham

You can find my quick recipe for this classic Vietnamese dipping sauce here. For me, this sauce is a necessity although other sauces work nicely with these rolls too if you really don't like fish sauce.

You could substitute a sriracha mayo or horseradish sauce for example. Epiphany! The next time I make these I think I'll make all three sauces. Variety is the spice of life right?

Filling Ingredients

Summer Roll Ingredients

Today I'm using home smoked roast beef, avocado, baby bok choy leaves, red bell pepper, cilantro and chives from my garden.

If you like spicy, try kicking it up with thinly sliced red chilies. If bok choy isn't available, try some chard or romaine leaves. Green onion is great in place of chives too. Just slice them thinly long wise.

This is how to put the rolls together and as soon as they are rolled up they are ready to serve!

If you wrap them in very lightly damp paper towels then store them in an airtight container they will keep for several hours without drying out or getting stuck together.

That's it! Simple right? Summer rolls are a lot of fun to make and these are really yummy. I especially enjoy using the avocado because it adds such a lovely creamy texture to every bite. Don't you want one now? I know I do.




Smoked Beef Summer Rolls


Smoked Roast Beef cut into thin slices

Red Bell Pepper cut into thin strips

avocado cut into thin wedges

small whole baby bok choy leaves

fresh cilantro

frech chives

1 package rice paper wraps


Spin the dry rice paper wrap for a few seconds in a wide shallow bowl of cool water to dampen it.

Lay the wrap on a clean surface and fill as shown above, layering the ingredients. Now roll it up tightly. Repeat until you have made as many wraps as you like.

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