The Fish Resort

The Fish Resort - A Fishy Pedicure Review

Fish Pedicure at The Fish Resort in Cabo San Lucas

While visiting Cabo San Lucas with family and friends last February I noticed their were many fish pedicure places that had sprung up around town since our last visit there and I really wanted to try this. I've seen some friends visiting Thailand and Indonesia doing this on Instagram and Facebook and it looked so funny! I wanted to do this even more after seeing Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, Bill Shatner and George Foreman do it on their show, "Better Late Than Never".

By the way, watch that show, it's hilarious and heart warming!

Anyway, I decided I would take the girls for a Fishy Pedicure in Cabo. My husband was on the Marina one morning and discovered a place called "The Fish Resort" and he thought it looked like the best place to give this a try.

The girls were not so sure it was safe and felt a little insecure about the idea at first but after lunch at "The Office" they were ready to give it a go with me!

Well, three of us were ready. My niece wasn't so sure.

Below are the pictures of our little adventure at The Fish Resort where our hostess did a wonderful job fitting us all in at the same time and making sure the environment was clean and comfortable.

This is my view from "The Fish Resort" pedicure chair! So beautiful!

The View from The Fish Resort in Cabo San Lucas

How was the pedicure? It TICKLES!!!!

But in a really weird way. My niece and I agreed, it had a zinging or buzzing like feel to it like super tiny electric shocks. After a while, it was kind of nice. And it works! My feet and ankles were very soft and the cuticles around my toenails looked great!

Fish Pedicure

Would I do it again? Oh YES!

There is something to be said for stepping out of your comfort zone occasionally. My niece made it past her anxiety attack and has a great memory to share now.

If you find a place you see as a healthy fishy environment try this! If you happen to be in Cabo. Visit The Fish Resort.

Fish Pedicure at The Fish Resort in Cabo San Lucas