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Kobe Hibachi Sushi, The Dalles OR

Kobe Hibachi Sushi

The Dalles, OR

A Restaurant Review

Sushi Rolls at Kobe Hibachi Sushi The Dalles, OR

One of the best sushi restaurants in Oregon! The quality of the fresh sushi and sashimi is superb and the grilled meats are succulent.

I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for a Japanese style restaurant with sushi to open in The Dalles and it looks as if I wasn't alone. Kobe Hibachi Sushi has been such a hit that they will be opening a new location soon that's much larger and even in the same shopping mall. This location will continue to remain open as far as we know.

My husband and I visit The Dalles often, so like many other people in the area, we really enjoy going out for a nice lunch. It's a big deal for people like us who live in the nearby rural areas to go into town for shopping and lunch because many of our own little towns have few to no restaurants at all.

Kobe Hibachi Sushi hit it out of the ballpark here. Everyone seemed to waiting expectantly for this little restaurant to open after we saw the signs go up and the work begin to get it ready and then it happened. Lines were out the door and wait times were over 45 minutes....for lunch.

It became a real thing... "Hurry Honey, we have to get there before 11:15 am or we'll be waiting for a table!"

Kobe Hibachi Sushi Chicken Teriyaki

This is a hot iron shovel full of absolutely wonderful chicken teriyaki. The menu is very large and it's usually quite a dilemma for either one of us to choose what to have. Great hibachi, sushi, ramen, udon or soba????

There are many cooked and vegetarian sushi rolls for those who are squeamish about the raw fish options. This is one of my favorites, the World Peace Roll. Its a veggie roll with mango, avocado and lots of sweet chili sauce.

World Peace Roll

Another great cooked sushi option is this one. It's the Northwest Philly Roll.

Tempura breaded and deep fried, filled with barbecued salmon, cream cheese, and topped with spicy mayo. This is one I crave when it's cold outside! Yum!

Northwest Philly Roll

They have bar seating as well as booths and tables. I took this picture before 11:30 am. By noon Kobe Hibachi Sushi will be very busy.

Sushi Bar Seating

There is a sushi bar lunch special that rocks! You choose your rolls from a large preset list and it comes with either miso soup or salad with their signature dressing. You can order 2 or 3 roll combo's for $9.95 and $12.95. It's a ridiculously great deal! Did I mention they also serve a small portion of their cucumber salad to each table? It's delicious.

Spicy Tuna Roll

I know I've been raving about their lunch but dinner is just as good! I've also been told by staff that we may even be able to dine beside hibachi grills soon at the new location. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because that would truly be one of the best Japanese dinning experiences in the Gorge.

If you are in the mood for a great Japanese meal this is the place!

1248 W 6th St The Dalles, OR 97058

(541) 769-1338



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