Relaxing and Beautiful, Pat O'Brien's Courtyard, NOLA

Relaxing and Beautiful, Pat O'Brien's Courtyard, NOLA

Pat O'Brien's Courtyard, New Orleans, LA

We stopped here for a cocktail in the courtyard mid-afternoon during our visit to NOLA.

It's a beautiful place to get off your feet for a while and sip a nice cool beverage. They have some really quite nice glassware that they will box up for you to take home when you buy the "Keep the glass" specialty drinks. I was surprised by the quality!

The drinks were very good and the food I saw looked delicious. We had a fantastic dinner planned for a bit later that evening so we didn't eat here but the popcorn snacks were nice.

Pat O'Brien's, New Orleans

Nice Glassware! Free with "Keep the Glass" drinks, they will box them up for you to take home.

The service was very professional and the popcorn bags they bring to every table were a nice kitschy touch. A perfect blend when in New Orleans!

If you're looking for a lovely courtyard with true New Orleans flair, stop in at Pat O'Brien's for drinks. You won't be disappointed.

Pat O'Brien's, NOLA

Pat O'Brien's Bar at 718 St. Peter

open 12 noon Mon-Thurs, 10am Fri-Sun

Piano lounge show typically begins at 6pm Mon-Thurs

and 2pm Fri-Sun

Pat O's Courtyard Restaurant at 624 Bourbon Street Open 11am Daily

Kitchen is open until 10pm