Foodie Blues

The Foodie Blues

I've got the blues this morning. Both of my kitchens are in disarray, I've no time to cook or blog and in 3 hours, my husband and two of his best friends will start packing up the majority of the big things in our house. We're moving!

The Glass Pantry Foodie Blues

And this is the current weather... Our biggest snow event of this winter and it's 17 degrees this morning. What!!!!

So I made some venison chili last night and that helped warm this foodie and her superman but still, we're going to be severely limited by our surroundings to mostly fast food for several days while we finish moving and complete last minute repairs to our home so it can go on the market soon.

This has given me the Foodie Blues...

The Glass Pantry Foodie Blues

I'm am absolutely stoked about our new place!

With a few pantry modifications, a little paint and some German Shmear, I know I'm going to love our new kitchen and dinning room.

I snapped these pictures last week when we were able to bring in a small load of things and take possession of our new home. Pardon the mess but it get's worse from here, you know?

We're also really looking forward to enjoying what we like to call the "Medford Room", like an "Arizona Room" if you happen to live in Arizona.

It's a great outdoor space with whatever you like best, that's covered for shade and designed to enjoy the wonderful outdoor weather of the area. Something we're pretty excited about is there's very little wind so dining outdoors will become a real possibility!

Here's a peek at our's.

It has a Green Mountain Daniel Boone Pellet Grill that we're going to have so much fun with! This trip we hope to get some patio furniture out there.

We also have several fruit trees and blue berries to be excited about. So there's something to look forward to on The Glass Pantry! We'll have loads of cherries, apples and peaches I'm told.

I can hardly wait for some of these!

The dogs will get to come on this weekends road trip and see their new digs for the first time, so stay tuned for more Foodie Blues Adventures to come. Moving our salt water reef tank should be interesting!

Right now I have to get ready for the guys and pack up a few more things so that they can move the buffet and my file cabinet.



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