Korean Food in the Rogue Valley

SooRah Korean Cuisine

Medford, OR

A Restaurant Review

SooRah Korean Cuisine, Korean Food in the Rogue Valley

SooRah Korean Cuisine is a beautifully exotic, upscale restaurant in Medford OR, in the heart of the beautiful Rogue Valley. It's a very unique place in an area known more for it's many pizza, diner and farm to table establishments.

The restaurant is cozy, hip and stylish, decorated with dark woods and brick. SooRah is located in historic downtown across from the old Woolworth's Building where many of the buildings are being revitalized into great restaurants, wine bars and shopping. It's also within walking distance to some great live theater!

As for our meal here, we thought it was absolutely delicious! It was presented with several banchan dishes as pictured above but portions were somewhat small if you love your kimchi. Fortunately, I was the one who really likes all of these small Korean pickled veggie dishes so I got to eat most of them.

My daughter and I really enjoyed a sweetened chili radish we'd never tried before. Due to a language barrier with our server I can't tell you exactly what it was marinated in but it was sooooo yummy! Our server was very happy to replenish any of the dishes so perhaps they've determined it's best to serve small portions until their guests discover which of the banchan they prefer. We got more of those little sweet spicy radishes.

Bibimbap, SooRah Korean Cuisine, Korean Food in the Rogue Valley

I had the bibimbap with chicken and yes, there was a lot of chicken and rice underneath all of those veggies and perfectly cooked fried egg. Just listen to the sizzling rice as it was brought to our table. It created the most wonderful crunchy caramelized rice bits!

My daughter and son-in-law ordered soju cocktails and loved them! Soorah has a full bar and mixes lovely drinks. They also have several Asian beers, wines and sake.

Soju cocktail at SooRah Korean Cuisine in Medford OR

Peach Soju Cocktail

Seafood Rice Noodle Soup, SooRah Korean Cuisine, Medford OR

Seafood Rice Noodle Soup

Hanna ordered the Seafood Rice Noodle soup and was very happy. She's not a huge eater so there was plenty left for lunch the next day and she even shared some with her husband! I also ended up bring home some of my bibimbap as the portion was quite large.

Beef Bulgogi, Korean barbecue beef, SooRah Korean Cuisine, Medford OR

Beef Bulgogi

The guys did eat all of their bulgogi but I know I could not have. No argument about the portion size here, these are large plates! The bulgogi and bibimbap come with miso soup and the bulgogi also comes with a side of rice. I had some of their bulgogi and they were both awesome. The Gojuchang barbecue sauce is spot on and VERY spicy/hot. We all thought it was the bomb!

If you are ever in Medford I encourage you to check them out. We will definitely be going back for more.



SooRah Korean Cuisine

  • 38 N Central Ave Ste 110 Medford, OR 97501

  • Telephone: (541) 816-4141

Reservations accepted

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