Exploring with Edna! Lighting Upgrade Guide

Hello Everyone!

This is going to be a guide to lighting upgrades for an 1987 Dodge Raider/Mitsubishi Montero 2.6L with a Weber carburetor and standard options. Otherwise known as a generation 1 Montero, Pajero, or Raider.

On todays post we are going to talk about lighting in better detail. Why we upgrade is important. My personal decision to spend money on this project stems from the idea of knowing where to go in the dark. LED is a great way to do this as they use less power then conventional and are much brighter. They also have a much longer life compared to traditional bulbs.

They can be used in many ways, while on the trails, when lighting the camp ground, or working on another car etc.

Bulb color is a personal choice to note as well. I went with white output however some folks prefer yellow output foe fog lights and so on. Certain colors can help with different driving condition. In the end they have bulbs of many colors for folks to express them self's or for what they want them for.

When it comes to wiring please use proper gauge wiring for the load you put on it (Amperage/Wattage). For instance the wiring to the fuse box needs 10 gauge wiring while the rest of system I can use 16 or 14 gauge without pushing the limits of the wiring. I will attach some images below.

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*This article isn't finished within a week or so it will be finished*

*Please note these are not/maybe the exact products used but are the same compatibility. Please pick out and confirm that the items you like will work with your install. As you may have a different setup or additional options.*

Part 1-General Updates for Future Additions

The video below shows my setups test layout in the Raider. It is a completely functional setup other then I had to fiddle with the fuel pump relay that it would only turn on at a certain voltage instead of the keyed on state via relay.

The image below is my listed specifications of my amperage draw and the ability's of the wiring in the system. Please note when you go ordering lighting for your rig it may list a crazy number like "2000 watt lighting!" however the folks that make lighting can mean that it is 2000 watts equivalent and due to it being LED it will use much less power. In this way you should always measure your amperage using a volt meter to get a accurate rating of the proper wattage draw of your lighting. FYI KO=Keyed Off and this image isn't fully updated after a few changes to the system.

The image below is the gauge of wire I am using in the system. It is critical to know what gauge of wire you have where as you don't want to go starting fires now.

Engine Bay

X2 Battery Connectors (Quick Disconnects)

I installed a quick disconnect to make battery removal easier for future changes.

X1 Fuse Box

I installed a fuse box to make the addition of added devices not as dependent on the stock wiring.

X3 Waterproof Relays

X1 Wiring (10 Gauge Wire for Battery to Fuse Box)

I use 10 gauge wiring for the wiring between the battery and the fuse box.

X1 Wiring (14 Gauge Wire for Fuse Box to Add-Ons)

I use 14 gauge and in some areas 16 gauge wire for wiring from the fuse box to the other parts of the system.

X1 Connectors (Heat Shrink Butt Connectors)

A good box of heat shrink connectors.

x1 Connectors (Heat Shrink Variety Pack Connectors)

A good box of heat shrink connectors.

Part 2-Top Lights Additions

Front Lights

X1 Front Light Bar

42 Inch curved light bar and also added support brackets to strengthen the bar.

X2 Front Fog Lights

6.5 Inch fog lights

Side Lights

X4 Pod Lights

Small but efficient pod lights for the side.

Rear Lights

X2 Added Backup Lights

X1 Rear Light Bar

42 Inch curved light bar and also added support brackets to strengthen the bar.


X1 Switch Panel (Made my Own Holder)

Added control switches for the top lights.

Roof Rack

X2 Waterproof connectors (One for Ground and One for Positive)

Added connectors so that removal of the roof rack is possible if needed.

X1 Crimper Tool

Part 3-Stock Light Conversation

Front Lights

X2 Turn Signals (LED 1156)